About Me

About Me

I am an animator and CG Generalist. My area of expertise includes animation, modeling, texturing, rendering, and compositing. I also have experience in rigging and particle dynamics/simulations. I’m self driven, detailed oriented, and a perfectionist. When I’m not animating, I’m either hiking, brewing beer or playing the banjo.


Proficient in Maya, After Effects, Blender, and Photoshop. Working knowledge of Mudbox, Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition, Final Cut 7 and Quixel studio. Experienced in Mac, Windows and Linux.


• Animator, “Destinies Manifest” 09/16-02/17
◦ Animated art instillation currently featured at the Denver Art Museum.

• Motion Graphics, “Adi At The Confluence” 3/16 – 5/16
◦ Documentary highlighting the struggles of the Adi people living in India

• Graphics/Matchmover, “El Cacao” 2/15 – 4/15
◦ Documentary about the dark side of free trade chocolate

• Motion graphics, “Daisy and Max” 02/14 – 05/14 ; 3/15 – 4/15
◦ Documentary on gang violence commissioned by Al Jazeera America

• Animator, “Evil White Foods” 12/13 – 02/14
◦ Animated Public Service announcement commissioned by the L.A. Bus system promoting healthy eating

• Animator, “Frontera: Revolt and Rebellion in the Rio Grande” 06/13 -10/13 ◦ Animated documentary on the 1680 Pueblo Revolt.


I’m periodically invited to UCSC to guest lector Social Documentary MFA and Undergraduates on the use of After Effects and Photoshop in documentary animations.